• SHAOXING XIEKE TEXTILE CO., LTD. introduces an integration model from introduction to sales. The company specializes in producing computer embroidery, water-soluble embroidery, flat embroidery, towel embroidery, sequin, special embroidery and so on. Base cloth includes Terylene fabric, glass yarn, organza, jacquard fabric, engineering yarn, point hemp, cotton, bamboo linen, hemp, etc.

    The factory is located in Paojiang Industrial Zone, close to Xiaoshan International Airport and 104 State Road, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou run through the company, with convenient transportation.

    Through 10 years of development, currently the company boasts advanced weaving, computer embroidery equipment, equipped with a strong professional production team competent to complex technical requirements' production tasks. Adhering to "quality first, customers first" principle, strict with internal technical standards and quality control, external strictly on raw materials management, as well as the exfactory inspection to ensure the quality of products and customer satisfaction.

    Success does not come easy, and the future is full of challenges. We will continue to uphold the integrity principle, the pursuit of efficiency, and comprehensively improve the management level. We look forward to cooperate with you together to create brillant future.